Gangster day

Hey guys been having so much fun taking pictures and putting them on here lol been getting a good response which is always good. Even seen 3 or 4 of you now joining me online nice and thx for the comments.

Still feeling bad for my friend it almost seems like his ex girlfriend is playing games with him I feel even more bad because he seemed upset about them not seeing each other at Halloween like he said she seems more focused on just her friends.

Well today I was feeling gangster lol I blame all the rap music and the blin blin hehe so I got my hoodie and cap to take some pictures.
Now please all you rude boys and gangsters out there please don’t think that’s what I am into I don’t like bad boys and I don’t like guys who think they are all it and act like they are big gangsters if you want to get yourself killed or hurt then go for it just don’t do it around me.

I really like hoodies but don’t wear them a lot they are more for girls that act gangster and sorry for those who wear them to just keep warm like I do, also please don’t send me emails now on gangster talk and etc not interested just please boys be yourself.
But don’t think I don’t like my rings fashion shopping and money what girl don’t lol just wish I had more of it lol cash that is haha.

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