Caught up with my friend

Well today I caught up with my friend I hadn’t seen him in sometime and was curious to find out how he was.

Unfortunately his not doing well his girlfriend as recently split up with him after a very long relationship.
I tried to figure out why it happened and if anything could be done.
It seems the main reasons why they split up was because of small differences between them and she would turn them into major issues she wants to get married and have children while he wants to chill out and enjoy life before getting to those things later.

It also sounds like his girlfriend had some serious anger problems there may have been a few causes for it but its all abit confusing it would also seem like she changes her mind quickly about what she says like she’s got two personalities or something.

In his part he says he thinks sometimes he didn’t show her he loved her enough but says he guaranties the reason why he done certain things was because he loved her and was trying to do what was best for her but she didn’t see it as that and tell all her friends how he never done anything special for her which he says is a lie.
He said he cant always do great things for her because he doesn’t have enough money but when he does he tries to do something meaningful and unique but says she probably didn’t like it because its not the Ipod she asked for or the TV she requested.

He admitted to looking at other girls when they first started dating but because it became a problem he started doing it less and less. He says he also asked her to have a threesome with him he said he tried to gently ask her by asking what her fantasies are.
He said she agreed to it after many discussions and lots of reassurance he said many times she even seemed very excited about doing it but because she changes her mind quickly he says it gets him all confused and his not sure if she does or doesn’t want to do it.
He says he as always been committed to her and she’s dated other men while he hasn’t touched another women since being with her.

And there you have it a very confusing relationship yet he loves her and would like to get back with her while it seems she’s very confused about what she wants but still loves him also.

I don’t like to be the judge here but it seems like she’s got split personality issues while my friend seems to not show enough love and likes other girls but seems to be still fully committed into building his life with her.

I didn’t know what to do but suggested he should go online and use the same site as me to try and find a woman who is into the same things as he is, while maybe for her its best to find another man that will marry her and give her children and drive that guy into insanity instead of my friend.
Yet I wish my friend and his girlfriend the very best of luck and since my friend still loves her and wants to be with her I hope they make peace get back together and work hard on making each other happy as for us I am still enjoying myself on here hehe

But remember this guys its really hard to find strong love these days and two people who love each other after everything that’s happened really doesn’t come by that often they still love each other so let me tell you this… its not often you find that kind of love and commitment my suggestion is they get back together workout each others differences and try and keep each other happy as much as possible and enjoy the time we all have on earth.

Something I learned from my friend even if you do manage to find your soul mate don’t think keeping the relationship strong will be easy it doesn’t matter who you are but keeping a long loving relationship is hard work.
But who says I can’t have fun while I search.

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